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Brass Key Tags, 

Brass key tags in sizes from 1 inch up to 2 inches in diameter. Each brass key tag comes with a small hole for attachment. Steel, plated key rings in sizes from 5/8 inch up to 2 inch in diameter

9929145 2" BRASS KEY TAGS 0.99
9929144 1 1/2" BRASS KEY TAGS 0.75
9929143 1 3/8" BRASS KEY TAGS 0.49
9929142 1 1/4" BRASS KEY TAGS 0.49
9929141 1" BRASS KEY TAGS 0.35


Split Key Rings

9929140 2" Split key rings, plated steel 0.69
9929139 1 1/2" Split key rings, plated steel 0.69
9929138 1 1/4" Split key rings, plated steel 0.39
9929137 1" Split key rings, plated steel 0.29
9929136 3/4" Split key rings, plated steel 0.29
9929135 5/8" Split key rings, plated steel 0.29



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